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CBSE 10th Toppers List Merit List 2017 Marksheet Pass Percentage

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RESULT STATISTICS 2016 :- In total 14,99,122 candidates were registered for class X examination this year. This amounts for an increase of about 3.37% candidates over that of last year. HIGHLIGHTS – Pass percentage of 2016 = 96.21 • Girls do better than boys. Percentage of girls qualified for admission in higher classes is 96.36 as compared to that of boys which is 96.11. • Over all percentage of candidates qualified for admission in higher classes in Thiruvananthapuram Region is 99.87 which is the highest as compared to other Regions.

  • 10th बोर्ड के बाद नतीजों में भी लड़कियों ने बाजी मारी।
  • टोटल 96.21% स्टूडेंट्स पास हुए, जिनमें लड़कियों का पर्सेंट 96.36 रहा और लड़कों का 96.11 रहा। बता दें कि 2015 में 97.32% स्टूडेंट्स पास हुए थे।
  • केरल के तिरुवनंतपुरम रीजन का रिजल्ट सबसे ज्यादा रहा। इस रीजन में 99.87% स्टूडेंट्स पास हुए।
  • 2016 में स्टूडेंट्स का पास पर्सेंट 96.21 रहा है। जबकि 2015 में यह 97.32 था
  • इस बार 14,99,122 स्टूडेंट्स ने 10th का एग्जाम दिया था।
  • 6,06,437 लड़कियों और 8,92,685 लड़के एग्जाम में बैठे थे।

CBSE 10th Result 2017 Toppers List, Merit List, Marksheets

The students who had appeared for the exam might have gone through their respective results. However, the candidates might want to check the toppers marks and the pass percentage. Around 96.21% students have passed in the Class 10 Board Exams which were held across the country in the month of March.  This time around, the girls have outperformed the boys in the board exams. Check the details here.

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a Board of Education for public and private schools, under the Union Government of India. The board will conduct the Class 10 Exams every year in the month of March for the students across the country. This year also, around 14,91,293 candidates were registered for the board exams. The board has successfully conducted the Class 10 Board Exams for the students across the country in the month of March. The candidates who had appeared for the exam have been waiting for the result ever since.

Now as the results are declared officially, the candidates who had appeared might have gone through the results already. However, the board declared the overall pass percentage. The Class 10 Board exams overall pass percentage is 96.21 % which was slightly less than the previous percentage of 97.32%. The girls outshine the boys as they have a registered a pass percentage of 96.36% while the boys have registered a pass percentage of 96.11% this year.

Merit List of CBSE 10th Class Result 2017

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a Board of Education for public and private schools, under the Union Government of India. CBSE affiliates all Kendriya Vidyalayas, all Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalayas, private schools and most of the schools approved by central government of India. CBSE conducts the final examinations for Class 10 and Class 12 every year in the month of March. The results are announced by the end of May.

The Thiruvananthapuram area topped with a pass percentage of 99.87 that is followed by Chennai region with a pass percentage of 99.69. Whereas the Central Government run Jawahar Navodyaya Vidyalayas have got a pass percentage of 98.87 that is  followed by Kendriya Vidyalayas with 98.85 %. Independent schools have a pass percentage of 97.72 % while government schools got a pass percentage of 86.61 %.

Around 85.62 percent students of Government aided schools cleared the exam, according to the CBSE. The candidates can check their 10th Class Results here.

List of Top Three Region

Name of Region Percentage
Thiruvananthapuram 99.77
Chennai 99.03
Allahabad 98.46

Some previous Results Statistics

Last year, 14,91,371 students had taken the Class 10 exams while 16,67,573 students would take the exam this year. Of these 8,84,710 candidates would be taking the board based examination while 7,82,863 candidates would be taking the school-based exam. The CBSE currently gives its students the option of taking either the school-based or board-based examination.

For the Class 10 exam, there would be 3,974 centres and 16,354 schools, the CBSE said. The total number of candidates for the Class 12 exam is 10,98,420 while the number of centres is 3,503 and the number of schools 10,677.

Year Over All Pass Percentage % Boys Girls No. of Students
2013 97.86 97.16 97.50 6,99,235
2014 98.19 97.98 98.48 7,41,863
2015 98.76 98.64 98.94 7,91,294
2016 98.87 98.74 98.60 9,40,228

How to Check CBSE Board 10th Result 2017

There are a few steps that the candidates will have to follow on the official website of CBSE Board i.e. www.cbse.nic.iin to get their CBSE Board 10th Results 2017. The steps have been given as below:

  • Step 1: Log on to the official website
  • Step 2: Click on the link “CBSE Board 10th Result 2017”
  • Step 3: You will be taken to another page. Here, enter your roll number.
  • Step 4: Your results will be available when you click on the “Submit” button after entering your details.
  • Step 5: Check your results and save a copy to your computer. Take a print for future reference.
  • Step 6: To refresh the page, click on the “Reset” button

How to Calculate CGPA

10th CBSE students get their report cards written CGPA. You can also Cross Check your CGPA. Suppose, if a total of five main subjects 50 to divide it by 5. This will rise your CGPA 10. For Example

Subject Grade Point
1 9
2 9
3 7
4 9
5 10
Total 44

CGPA = 44/5 = 8.8

How to Calculate Percentage by CGPA

if Your CGPA is 8.8 you can multiply with 9.5 i.e your percentage is 83.6%. For Check Your Percentage you can multiply every grade by 9.5

Why multiply with 9.5 only?

The Board took the result of the last five years and calculated the average marks of all candidates who had scored between 91 and 100. That average turned out to be close to 95 marks. Since the equivalent Grade Point for the 91-100 band (A1 grade) of marks is 10, it then divided the average result of 95 by 10. The result is 9.5.

Calculation of Percentage for one subject: Grade Point X 9.5

Example: suppose a student get B1 in Hindi and his grade point is 8. Now his estimated percentage in Hindi will be 8 X 9.5 = 76 percent.

Calculation of overall percentage: CGPA X 9.5

Example: suppose CGPA (printed on grade sheet) is 7.8. Now his/her estimated overall percentage will be 7.8 X 9.5 = 74.1 percent.

Reference Grade Table


Marks Range Grade Grade Point
91-100 A1 10
81-90 A2 9
71-80 B1 8
61-70 B2 7
51-60 C1 6
41-50 C2 5
33-40 D 4
21-32 E1  
00-20 E2  

Scholastic-B & Life Skills

Grade Grade Point
A+ 5
A 4
B+ 3
B 2
C 1

Co-Scholastic Activities and Health & Phys. Edu.

Grade Grade Point
A+ 3
A 2
B 1

CBSE Class 10 Result Release Date 2017

The board will announce the CBSE Board 10th Result in May every year.It will first wrap up the evaluation process and will finalize on the date to release the CBSE 10th Result.As soon as it finalizes on the date it will announce it officially through its official website.All the students are advised to visit the official site of CBSE to know the updates as soon as they are made.The official site of CBSE is official site to check CBSE Board 10th Result is

The CBSE Board of Intermediate Education has been conducting the Intermediate Exams every year to all the students who are studying across the all state of India. The board, as usual, notified the students regarding the Inter 12th Class and High School 10th Class Exams and conducted them accordingly. The exams were successfully held in the March/April across the state for which the number of candidates appeared is in the huge number.  The results of the exams were also declared by the board earlier.

The students who had appeared for the exams have gone through the results. However, the students who had failed in the exam were given the chance to apply for the supplementary exams. The candidates have applied for the exams and have been waiting for the availability of the hall tickets ever since. Now as the hall tickets are available, the candidates who had applied can download them on the official website or simply click the link provided below. The 1st and 2nd Year Supplementary hall tickets are available.

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  1. CBSE grade point system makes it easy for ANYONE to score, which is completely LAME. My friend would always get marks less than me in every exam..yet we share the same CGPA. Isn’t it unfair?? There’s no pride in saying that we are 10CGPA holders!

  2. My friends just chill.
    i have Also got 10cgpa with sa1 Total of 490 out of 500.all of you do not become topper here.iwillsuck you up in12

  3. Nitish the champ

    guys enjoy your life dont think about cgpa it will confuse u and make u think why u were in a cbse school even though i got 10 cgpa with upgradation im happy for me above 8.0 cgpa is awesome

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  9. i really think its unfair..i m the 1st rank holder in the class always..but the CGPA System has made it eas7yi to score 10 CGPA.

  10. I think this CGPA system is very much unfair to the toppers

  11. Noureen.V.Shanavas

    I’m not happy with CGPA System. Many of my friends got 10/10 . But you have to clearly specify the marks which each student deserve. Those whose marks had been upgraded too got 10/10. Pls make some arrangements to specify the marks secured in each subject in SA2 Exam.

  12. CGPA is not correct system because it asses the entire marks of whole season and not only board exams

  13. Aakanksha Gupta

    I want to know that how many students got perfect 10 CGPA and how many got 10 CGPA upgraded by one level and how many got 10 CGPA upgraded by two levels.
    At least this information must be provided by the board so that the students can get the knowledge of their actual position and the actual competition they have to face in 12 class examinations.
    According to me this information will not hurt the aim of their grading system.

  14. I scored 10 CGPA my one classmate scored it too.But she says she scored 98%. What are my percentage. I am confused

  15. You people truly amaze me. Bitchin’ about you marks and unfairness like little girls. Just suck it up

  16. Radharani Samantaray

    My bro says multiply your gradepoint with 9.5 then you ll get your total percentage that you have secured but on multiplying cgpa 10 with 9.5 we get 95 percent.Does this mean the maximum percent that one can score is 95 in cbse?All those students who have got 10 cgpa has the same knowledge ?All are equally tallented?Or this system requires some change.

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  19. what is A1**

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    Then how many percentage should I consider
    Please make me clear my percentage as quickly as possible

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    you’re truly a just right webmaster. The site loading pace is amazing.
    It kind of feels that you’re doing any unique trick.
    Moreover, The contents are masterpiece. you’ve done a excellent
    task inn this subject!


    SO LET 10CGPA AS 100%.

  36. My neighbor scored 10 CGPA if we multiply it with 9.5 then % become 95 only so max % is only 95. please explain.

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    My ward get 10 CGPA. so what is his percentage.
    Pl explain.

  38. The multiplication of 9.5 is show the minimum percentage. otherwise what about the percentage of that student those score 10CGPA.
    My ward get 10 CGPA. so what is his percentage.
    Pl explain.

    • Sanjay Choudhary

      Hi Ajay

      if Someone Getting 10CGPA Than we considered his percentage more than 90%

    • My son gets 98.5% & he is the topper in Mumbai Region with vocational subject. he is scores 591 out off 600.

      then the 10CGPA not a straight mean of multiplying 9.5.

      another student ( he is my friends child) got 10 cgpa but get in only one subject Grade A1** & in other subjects A1 Grade get 94%.

      these both results are not supports of multiplying 9.5 in the CGPA obtain.

      • what is A1**

      • Oh uncle ji that A1** means upgraded by one level that means that board has given some extra marks can be said as gross marks for making it 10 cgpa as he was close to it is not the reason howsoever how dou know your child got 98%

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