ABOUT  BLACK  HOLES

 :- Black holes used to be stars Stars live a very long time, but just like us, they don’t live forever. They slowly burn through the fuel that keeps them shining. When they run out, one of three things happens, mainly depending on its mass. The star will either transform into a white dwarf, a neutron star or a black hole. If the star is big enough, it will explode when it reaches its end The explosion causes the star to cave in on itself, making it much smaller. Because the size of the star gets smaller but the mass of it does not, the gravity surrounding the star becomes so strong it absorbs everything around it, including light. That’s how a black hole is born.

There are 3 types of black holes

1) Primordial: These are considered to be tiny! They range from the size of a single atom to a mountain. Moun- tains probably don’t seem tiny to you, but space is a mighty big place!

2) Stellar: These are the ones found most often. They are about 20 times bigger than the Sun!

3) Supermassive: The black hole discovered in 2015 falls into this category. To be in this group, the hole has to be more than a million times heavier than the Sun:

You can’t see them with the naked eye No matter how hard you stare, you won t be able to spot a black hole all on your own: The reason black holes are so black IS because they That’s consume everything around them, including light! because the gravitational pull at their centre is super strong. But with no reflection, we have nothing that can detect the hole directly. So instead, scientists look for the traditional effects a black hole has on its surroundings. When a star is being pulled into the hole, it breaks apart and becomes distorted. As it’s sucked in, the bits of matter from the star move faster, create intense heat and throw off a glare of X-rays. That’s what astronomers can use
to identifya hole.

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