ABOUT THE DOGS


  1. Dogs have been loyal and useful companions to humans through the ages, providing physical and emotional security as loving pets.

  2. There are about 400 milliont+ dogs in the entire world. Dogs are quite useful as they carry out farm work, provide security, hunt, and even play guides to the visually-impaired.

  3. They are Wonderful companions for children and  the elderly, due to their ability to give care and unflinching love. The most popular breeds of dogs include Labrador, Golden

  4.       ABOUT THE DOGS
  5. Retriever, Bulldog. German Shepherd, Greyhound, St. Bernard, Great Dane, Chihuahua, etc.

  6. Due to the strong emotional connect dogs form with humans as pets, they are known

    as man’ s best friend’.

  7. They are extremely loyal and are known to spend their entire lifetime with their masters.

  8. Dogs have a terrific sense hearing as compared to humans and can hear sounds at four

    times the distance.

  9. The average life of a dog depending on the breed can vary from 10 to 14 years.

  10. Due to their amazing sense of smell, dogs are capable differentiating and recognising


  11. For this reason, they are used to sniff out drugs and weapons by anti-terrorist squads and

    police departments all over the world.

  12. As per the available scientific evidence, dogs are known to have ben domesticated bu men

    about 15000 years ago.

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