ABOUT STARS

  • The Milky Way is the galaxy our Solar System resides within. When the skies are dark and clear the Milky Way appears like a bright belt of stars. Its age is estimated at a whopping 13.2 billion years old.

  • The Milky Way Galaxy contains an estimated 100-400 billion stars, but these numbers are constantly changing as new stars are born and old stars die out. There are no pictures showing the entire secope of the Milky Way.

  • Since earth sits inside of the Milky Way we wouldhave to leave our own solar system in order to capture a picture of the entire thing. (reference) The average star is between 1 and 10 billon years old, although some stars are older than this.

  • Large stars live shorter lives compared to smaller stars, because large stars burn through their fuel much faster. Giant stars explode into a bright supernova when they die.

    The most common type of star is a red dwari. These stars are less than half of the sun’s mass and size. Red dwarfs burn very slowly, extending their lifespan to over 100 billion years.

  • These stars shine less than others because they arcooler, and as they age they get dimmer until they disappear. Unlike giant stars, such as supergiants and hypergiants, small red dwarf stars do not explode. Interestingly, our sun is a red dwarf star.

  • Most of the stars you see in the night sky are bigger and brighter than the sun. All of the 50 most prominent stars you can see in the sky from Earth are MUCH brighter and bigger than the sun.

  • The dimmest of all 50 is Alpha Centauri, which is still more than 1.5 times brighter than the sun.

  • When you look up at the night sky with your naked eye all of the stars appear to be the same color, but in actuality they are not. Stars have diferent colors depending on their temperature. The hottest stars are blue, followed by white, yellow, orange, red, and the

    coolest stars are brown.

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